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排球场地 volleyball court
鱼跃 fish dive
一方场区 court
钩手飘球 over float
对方场区 opponent's court
一次扣杀 direct spike
发球区 service area
上手传球 overarm pass
进攻线 attack line
钩手扣球 windmill smash
判台 official's tribune
打手出界 spike off the block
标志杆 vertical rod
轻扣、吊球 dink spike
端线 back line
非正常换人 abnormal substitution
后区 back zone
拦网动作 action of blocking
进攻区 attack zone
缓冲动作 action of giving
封准球 alignment with the ball
位置差(扣球) alternate position spike
轮流发球 alternation
传高球 arch
体后屈 arch back
攻球 attack
进攻区 attack area
攻击手 attacker
攻击性发球 attacking shot
进攻线 attack line
攻击手 attack man
接攻击球 attack receive
进攻区 attack zone
后排队员 back
后取角 back corner
后排位置 back court position
后排队员 back field play
标志杆 antenna

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排球场地 volleyball court
鱼跃 fish dive
一方场区 court
钩手飘球 over float
对方场区 opponent's court
一次扣杀 direct spike
发球区 service area
上手传球 overarm pass
进攻线 attack line
钩手扣球 windmill smash
判台 official's tribune
打手出界 spike off the block
标志杆 vertical rod
轻扣、吊球 dink spike
端线 back line
非正常换人 abnormal substitution
后区 back zone
拦网动作 action of blocking
进攻区 attack zone
缓冲动作 action of giving
封准球 alignment with the ball
位置差(扣球) alternate position spike
轮流发球 alternation
传高球 arch
体后屈 arch back
攻球 attack
进攻区 attack area
攻击手 attacker
攻击性发球 attacking shot
进攻线 attack line
攻击手 attack man
接攻击球 attack receive
进攻区 attack zone
后排队员 back
后取角 back corner
后排位置 back court position
后排队员 back field play
标志杆 antenna

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a match 一场比赛
a set 一局
a two point lead 领先两分
accurate with a forearm pass 上手传球很到位
action of blocking 拦网
advantage 为赢得比赛所需的优势分
alternation 双方连续轮换发球
attack area 进攻区
attackline 限制线
back line players 后排队员
back toss 远网扣球
backward flight 背飞
best of five sets 五局三胜制
best of three sets 三局两胜制
block point 拦网得分
block the spike 拦对方的扣球
blocker 拦网队员
cannon-ball service 勾手大力发球
captain 队长
catching 持球
center line 中线
change of courts 交换场地
China serves, American gets ready. 中国队发球,美国队准备接球
choice of courts 选择场地
cloak 佯攻
clockwise rotation 顺时针的轮转
coach 教练
continue to serve 连续发球
court 场地
cross smash 斜线扣球
crouched position 蹲姿
dark horse 黑马
delayed spike 时间差
dig pass 垫传
dink spike 转扣,吊扣
diving save 鱼跃
double block 双人拦网
drop 吊球
end line 底线
end of match 比赛结束
facility 设备
fail 失误,判罚失误
far-net-toss spike 远网扣球
FIVB 国际排联
float 飘
floating-service 发飘球
forearm-pass 前臂传球
front-line player 前排队员
full match 整场比赛
game 局
get one's service in save 救球
hard court 硬场区
hit it harder 用更大力击球
hold 持球
holding 持球
hoof-shaped defence 马蹄形防守
hook service 勾手发球
indoor 室内
inside 届内
interval between sets 局间休息
jersey 上衣
jump pass 跳传
jump set 跳传
lighting 灯光
line 线
linesman 司线员
lob 高吊球
lose a point 失1分
loss 负
loss of service 丢发球权
lost a set 失一局
lumination 照明
manager 领队
march in 进场
march out 出场
markers 标志带
mesh 网孔
my forearm pass goes too high. 我的上手传球传的太高了
my under-arm-serves are too easy for them to return 我的下手发球对对方毫无威胁

net 网
net ball 滚网球
net posts 网柱
net-fault 触网
nice set up! 漂亮的垫球!
number 号码
officials: 1 a referee, 2 an umpire, 3 a scorer, 4 four linesmen 官员:主裁判
on 上场
one more point and we will be tying 再得一分我们就打平了
one-man block 单人拦网
opponent 对手
oust 淘汰
outdoor 室内
outside 届外
over-time 四击
parallel set 平传
penetrate 插上
play loosely 打得很松散
player 队员
playing team 比赛队伍
put sb in the lead 使……领先
quick attack 快攻
quick-C 背快
quick-D 背溜(背后拉开的扣球)
receiving player 接发球队员
receiving team 接发球球队
recovery 救球
replay 重赛
resume 重新开始
rotation 轮转
rotation order 轮转顺序
round house 大力抡臂
seam protection 补位
second game of the match 第二局比赛
semifinal 半决赛
service area 发球区域
serving player 发球队员
serving team 发球球队
set sb up for a shot 垫球给某人扣
set up 垫球给某人扣
setter 二传
shorts 短裤
side out 换发球
slam 扣球
slam/spike spike比slam更快一些
smash 扣球
spike 扣球
spike course 扣球线路
spike off the block 拦住对方的进攻
spiker 攻击手
spin 旋转
squad system 集训制度
squatting position 蹲姿
sticky 持球
substitute 替补队员
tennis-serve 网球式发球法
the exchange of service 交换发球权
the loser has the right to choose ends 输的队伍可以选择场地
The result is 3 to 1. 比赛结果是3:1
the winner has the right ti serve first 赢的队伍有发球权
tie 平手
tight play 协调合作很好的比赛
time-out 暂停
too low to spike 球太低,因而不能扣
toss a coin 抛硬币
touch net 触网
umpire 裁判
underarm-serve 下手发球
unprotected area 防守空当
vertical rods 标志杆
vertical tapes 标志带
volley 将球来回击打
wedge-in attack 夹塞
weight-training 负重训练
well saved! 救的好
wide set 传拉开球
wood court 木板场
World Championship 世锦赛
World Cup 世界杯
your hand stays with the ball … 手和球接触的时间

basic skills:1 serving the ball; 2 passing the ball: a, volleypass, b, dig
pass; 3 setting pass; 4 spiking sets; 5 blocking shots
volleyball is a six-a-side court game which is silimar to badminton and
tennis. It requires speed,strength, balance,stamia,agility,flexi**lity,coordin
ation and good footworks.
defence skills: dig; sprawl; roll; dive
service: underhand serve, overhand serve, hook serve, round horse serve,
基本功:1、发球 ,2、进攻:包括 发、接、传、扣、拦五个环节。

跳发球:jump serve 后攻:back row attack
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副攻:middle blocker
主攻:outside spiker?(这个不清楚)
接应:wing spiker?(貌似是的)
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其实如果在美国打球 你会知道他们根本不说这么专业的呢  好象打手出界 直接可以说 HIT OFF 了
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副攻:middle blocker
主攻:outside spiker?(这个不清楚)
接应:wing spiker?(貌似是的)

主攻: outside spiker/hitter
接应: opposite setter
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Volleyball Dictionary
A Glossary of Volleyball Terminology
3-meter line
   n. the attack line. 三米线。

   n. an offense with four spikers and two setters. The setters are spikers whe
   n they are in the front row, and setters when they are in the back row. 四二

   n. an offense with five spikers and one setter. 五一配备。

   n. an offense with four spikers and two setters. The setters are setters whe
   n they are in the front row, and defenders when they are in the back row.六二

10-foot line
   n. the attack line. A slight misnomer since the line is actually 3 meters fr
   om the center line. 前排线(即三米线),因为它正好是十个脚掌的长。

   n. a service ace. 发球直接得分。

   n. a flexible rod that rises above the net to delineate the sideline boundar
   y. The antenna is considered part of the net and is out of bounds.标志竿,碰

   n. awarded when a player passes, sets, or digs the ball to a teammate who at
   tacks the ball for a kill. 接应者。

   n. the attempt by one team to terminate the play by hitting the ball to the  
   floor on the opponent's side. The term refers to an individual effort or a c
   ombined team offensive pattern. 进攻,把球打到对方场地。

attack angle
   n. the direction of a spiker's approach to a set ball and the imaginary path
   of the spike across the net if hit in the same line as the approach angle.  

attack approach
   n. the accelerating running movement of a spiker, usually involving three or
   four steps, to the point where the spiker jumps to hit the ball.进攻路线。

attack error
   n. results when an attacker hits the ball out of bounds, is stuffed by the o
   pposing blockers, hits the ball into the antenna, is called for an illegal c
   ontact, hits the ball down on his side of the net, touches the net, or is ca
   lled for a line violation.进攻失误。

attack percentage  
   n. a statistic used to determine a player or team's attack effectiveness, de
   fined as (kills - attack errors)/attack attempts. A negative attack percenta
   ge is possible (if there are more errors than kills).进攻成功率,(成功-失误

   n. A player who attempts to hit a ball offensively with the purpose of termi
   nating the play in his team's favor. 进攻者。

attack line
   n. a line three meters from, and parallel to, the net. A back-row player can
   not legally attack the ball above the net unless he takes off on his jump fr
   om behind this line. See also 10-foot line, 3-meter line. 三米线。

auxiliary setter
   n. the player assigned to set when the designated setter cannot, usually the
   right-front player. 接应二传(通常是站在二号位的球员)。

back one
   n. a low, quick set behind the setter. 背快。

back row
   n. the three players whose court position, according to the official scoreke
   eper, is near the baseline. 后排。

back set
   n. a set delivered behind the setter. 背后的战术(二传手把球传到背后)。

back slide
   n. a quick slide behind the setter. 背飞。

ball handling error
   n. charged when a player is called for mishandling the ball (usually a lift  
   or a double hit) while digging or setting. 垫球失误(垫飞或连击)。

   n. the back boundary of the court. See also endline. 后场出界线。

beach dig
   n. an overhead dig characterized by using open hands, fingers straight but t
   ogether, either with thumbs alongside each other or the front of one hand pr
   essed against the back of the other hand. It is often executed with a pushin
   g motion.上手传球。(用二传手的手法接发球或救球)

   n. 1. the combination of one, two, or three players jumping in front of the  
   opposing spiker and contacting the spiked ball with the hands. v. 2. the act
   ion of stopping or slowing a spiked ball with the hands above the net. 拦网。

block attempt
   n. the action of blocking without touching the ball.拦网未触球。

block error
   n. charged when the blocker touches the net, or is called for a line violati
   on, illegal contact, back row block, or reaching over the net. 拦网失误(触网

block solo
   n. awarded when one player blocks the ball into the opponent's court for a p
   oint of side-out. That player is the only blocker attempting to block the ba
   ll. 单人拦网。

   n. the player(s) responsible for blocking the opponent's attack.拦网的队员。

block shadow
   n. the shadow of the block. 拦网封死的范围。

   n. an abrupt change of direction in the attacker's approach.进攻路线突然改变

break point
   n. the spot where the attacker changes direction. 路线改变的地点。

broad jump
   n. a forward jump in the attacker's approach. 预跳。

center line
   n. the line which lies in the plane of the net and extends from sideline to  
   sideline, dividing the court.中线。

   n. a defensive posture where a defensive player sits over one heel while pla
   ying a ball and rolls on his back. Used to play balls close to the floor and
   to cushion hard spikes during retrieval attempts, this skill is also known  
   as a half roll. 翻滚救球。

   n. an offensive play that includes two or more players who attack in concert
   . 组合,多人配合。

   n. a blocking scheme in which one player, usually the middle blocker, jumps  
   with, and attempts to stuff, the quick attacker. 三号位单人拦快攻。

control block
   n. a block attempt that deflects and slows down a spiked ball so the back-ro
   w defenders can easily play it.有效拦网。

cover the hitter
   v. to perform spike coverage.保护(准备救被拦的球)。

   v. to move stealthily so as to escape notice.悄悄移动。

   n. 1. a combination in which the path of one attacker crosses the path of an
   other. 2. cross-court. 交叉。

   n., adj. an individual attack directed at an angle from one end of the offen
   sive team's side of the net to the opposite sideline of the defensive team's

cross step
   n. a footwork pattern designed to allow a player to move quickly to a correc
   t, balanced precontact position in either forearm or overhead passing. 交叉步
   adj. away from the net, toward the endline.离网。
defensive system
   n. a team tactical system of deploying players to positions to defend agains
   t an opponent's attack. An effective system deploys players in the areas mos
   t likely to be attacked and takes the strengths and weaknesses of the indivi
   dual defenders into account. 防守阵型。

   n. 1. the act of retrieving an attacked ball close to the floor. 2. Awarded  
   when a player successfully passes a ball which has been attacked by the oppo
   sition. 救球。

   n., v. slang for tip.轻吊。

   n., v. a defensive retrieval technique in which a player extends for a ball  
   near the floor, causing both feet to leave the floor. The player contacts th
   e ball with one or both arms and slides on the abdomen and thighs.鱼跃救球。

double block
   n., v. a block formed by two players.双人拦网。

double contact
   n. contacting the ball twice in succession, or the ball contacts various parts
   of the body successively.连击。

double hit
   n. a double contact.连击。

   n. 1. a ball that has been attacked by the setter on the second contact -v.  
   2. to attack the ball on the second contact -interj. 3. an exclamation made  
   by a player to inform his teammates that the setter is attacking the ball.二

extension roll
   n. a defensive retrieval technique similar to a dive, except that after cont
   acting the ball with either one or two arms, the player turns as the body co
   ntacts the floor and rolls as the momentum of the movement carries the feet  
   over the shoulder, returning the player to his or her feet.翻滚救球。

fake cross
   n. a play that starts as a cross but changes the direction of its play-set h
   itter with a veer. 交叉进攻。

fake X
   n. a play in which the right fake-crosses the one-hitter and then attacks to
   the right of the setter. 双快(扣球手为二号位队员)

   n. a medium-height set on the right sideline.2.5传球

   n. a play in which the right fake-crosses the one-hitter, and then attacks o
   n the right sideline. 三号位快球掩护拉开到二号位

float serve
   n. a floater. 飘球。

   n. a serve that moves in an unpredictable path due to lack of spin. 不带旋转

floor defense
   n. any retrieval of an attacked ball that gets by the block.有效拦网后的地面

   n. to move with, and then block, an attacker, often changing positions with  
   another blocker in the process. 跟进战术。

   n. the outside blocker who crosses the commit-blocker. 跟进的队员。

forearm pass
   n. one of the six basic volleyball skills. It is a ball-handling skill that  
   a player uses to legally contact the ball at a level below the waist using t
   he forearms as the contact surface. See also bump. 上手传球。

   n. a shoot that is attacked near the left sideline. 四号位进攻。

free ball
   n. 1. a slow, arcing shot, allowing an easy pass and a good attack by the re
   ceiving team. -interj. 2. an exclamation made by a player to inform his team
   mates that they will receive a free ball. 毫无威胁的进攻扣球,能够让防守一方

   v. to position oneself, in order to block, in front of the attacker's arm. 上

   n. the three players whose court position, according to the official scoreke
   eper, is near the net.前排。

front slide
   n. a quick slide in front of the setter. 前快。

game plan
   n. the team's offensive and defensive emphases for a particular opponent, us
   ually organized by rotation.整体战术布置和计划。

   n. a long, smooth run that precedes a spike. 扣球的助跑。

   n., v. spike. 扣球。

   n. an attacker. 扣球手。

   n. a medium-height set on the left sideline; the term originated from the hi
   tter's mid-rally call to his setter. 2.5传球(四号位);集中战术。

   n. toward the center of the net. 向网中间移动。

inside the block
   n. a ball that has been attacked in the cross-court angle so that it passes  
   by the block nearest the center of the court. 大斜线扣球,穿过拦网队员的手落

J stroke
   n. A modified forearm pass technique where the thumbs are turned up and the  
   elbows are bent, forming a "J". This technique is used to dig hard-hit balls
   and balls played close to the net.J型传球(大拇指用力,手臂弯曲,用于上手接

jump serve
   n. a serve in which the player jumps and attacks the ball as in spiking.跳发

jump set
   n. a set executed while the setter is in the air. 跳传。

   n. Slang for off-speed shots, balls intentionally hit off the block, and def
   lected shots that do not travel in expected paths or to anticipated location
   s. 扣球失误(球碰网力量减缓,或偏斜出原本线路,没有落在原来预期的落点上。)

   n. an attacked ball that strikes the floor or lands out of bounds after touc
   hing an opponent.扣球成功(球直接落入对方场地或打手出界)。

kill efficiency
   n. attack percentage.扣球成功率。

   n. an emergency one-hand technique used to play a ball close to the face and
   tight to the net. The fingers are curled at the second knuckle and the hand
   is cocked back. The ball is actually contacted on the heel of the hand. 单手

   n. a commit-block scheme in which the left starts behind the middle in order
   to follow the crossing attacker. 四号位队员有计划的向三号位移动以跟随插上的

   n. an illegal contact, resulting when the ball is in contact with the player
   for too long. 持球。

line shot
   n. a straight-ahead, sideline attack.直线球。

   n. the players' serving order, which reflects their starting locations on th
   e court. 首发阵容(队员站位轮次)。

   n. to arrange the blockers so that the team's most effective blocker confron
   ts the opponents' most effective attacker.强轮对强轮(安排自己队最好的拦网手

   n. either the middle-front or middle-back player. 三号位或三号位的拦网队员。

   n. an imaginary line drawn equidistant from the sidelines, that is, lengthwi
   se, on the court; an imaginary line drawn vertically on the player's body th
   at divides it into comparable left and right parts. 虚拟的中线(把场地左右分

   n. an offense consisting of plays in which two or more players attack at dif
   ferent places on the net at different times. 多点进攻。

net block
   v. slang describing when a blocker places his hands, palms forward, against  
   the net to deflect a ball that has been passed into the net by the opponents
   . 探头拦网(拦对方一传过网的球)。

   n. the outside blocker not included in the double block. 双人拦网之外的拦网手

   n. a set delivered from the left side of the right-handed attacker and vice-
   versa. 传球错位(右手队员被迫使用左手扣球,反之亦然)。

off-speed shot
   n. any ball spiked with less than maximum force but with spin. vice-versa. 速

on help
   n. a player's defensive floor position and body posture that allows him or h
   er to play an attacked ball in front of him and toward his teammates.防守队员

   n. a low, quick set that is attacked either directly in front of, or behind,
   the setter. 前快或背快传球。

one-footed slide
   n. an approach to attack that includes a one-footed jump long the net.一步助

   n. a set delivered from the right side of the right-handed spiker and vice-v
   ersa. 传球到位(右手队员使用右手扣球,反之亦然)。

open-handed tip
   n., v. tip.单手调整传球。

open up
   n. to step away from, and face, the ball's path in receiving serve.正面迎球的

   n. three positions away in the line-up; the player opposite the setter. 打对

   n. toward the sideline. 向边线移动。

   n. defending, either at the net or in the backcourt, from the sideline to th
   e interior of the court. 从场地两边向中间移动。

   n. a foul in which one player is out of position in relation to another play
   er (defined by player's foot placement) when the ball is served. 同伴发球时站

overhead pass
   n. a ball-handling skill using both hands simultaneously to contact the ball
   above the head and direct it to the intended target.双手头顶传球。

   n. a ball that is passed across the net. 接球直接过网。

   n. a ball that is set across the net. 传球直接过网。
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   n. the overall rhythm of the team or of a player.始终的节奏(一位队员或一支球

   n. a one-handed defensive technique in which the player flattens his hand ag
   ainst the floor in order to save the ball.单手前扑救球。

   n. the first contact of a served ball; a forearm pass. 一传。

   n. a (usually) warm-up drill in which two players pass, set, and hit the bal
   l back and forth.双人(热身时)对打的练习。

   n. a backcourt defense in which four players arrange themselves near the bou
   ndaries of the court. 马蹄形防守战术。

   n. to bend forward at the waist so that both the torso and the legs are in f
   ront of the hips.身体向前弯曲。

   n. an attack with a planned fake, usually including two or more hitters; a c
   ombination. 战术进攻,有掩护的进攻。

   n. a medium-height set usually near the middle of the court that, when combi
   ned with a quick set, constitutes a play. 三号位2.5的传球(在组织战术进攻时)

   n. a front-row position in the serve-receive formation; the unit of scoring.

point of contact
   n. the place on the court or along the net at which the ball is contacted. 接

   n. the standard that supports the net.球网柱子。

   n. body position while performing a skill.完成某一项技术时身体的姿势。

precontact position
   n. the floor location arrived at and the body positioning assumed before the
   ball arrives.球落地前的预判移动。

   n. a play in which an attacker fakes spiking a quick set and then spikes, at
   the same location, a medium-height set. 时间差。

   n. to lengthen a set; an attack where the player pistons their arm rather th
   an swinging, "pushing" the ball across the net; an illegal lift. 延长比赛,持

   n. a low, fast, inside set. 快速传球。

   n. a play that includes both a quick set and a shoot set.有快球和强攻的进攻。

quick slide
   n. a quick attack that includes a two-footed takeoff and a broad jump along  
   the net. 飞(位置差)。

   n. One series of play, from the service until the ball is dead. 一个球,一分

   n. to determine what event will take place before it occurs; a blocking sche
   me in which the front-row players watch the setter in order to determine whe
   re to block; a backcourt defensive scheme based on all players reading their
   opponents and their teammates. 预判对方的进攻战术,看对方二传的动作来判断球

ready position
   n. the flexed, yet comfortable posture a player assumes before moving to the
   point of contact.队员接触球前的准备动作。

rebound angle
   n. angle of the contact surface of the body at the moment of ball contact, c
   ommonly refers to forearm passing and hand position in blocking. 球被拦后的反

reception error
   n. a service reception error. 接发球失误。

   n. a high set, usually delivered to the left sideline, that serves as an out
   let when the play goes awry; a block pattern in which an outside blocker fro
   nts the quick hitter as the middle double blocks on the sideline; the action
   of the ball leaving the setter's hands; the action of the setter moving tow
   ards the net.四号位高拉开的强攻,四号位队员向对方快球队员移动和三号位的队员组

   n. a combination in which the usual quick hitter attacks a play-set and the  
   usual play-set hitter attacks a quick set. 三号位副攻手扣2.5高球而二号位接应

reverse bump
   n. a desperation ball-handling technique sometimes necessary but seldom enco
   uraged. It occurs when a player brings the hands together in front of the fa
   ce, elbows bent. The ball is contacted in front of the face on the back of t
   he forearms. 一个铤而走险的二传动作,一般很少使用。在队员的双手一起在脸前时,

   n. a commit-block scheme in which the right starts behind the middle in orde
   r to follow the crossing attacker. 四号位队员向三号位移动跟随对方插上的队员的

roll shot
    n. a ball cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand. 手掌击球。

   n. to advance on position in the line-up; a backcourt defense in which the l
   ine defender moves near the block and the middle-back moves behind the line  
   defender. 轮次轮转。

   n. the players' locations on the court, according to the scorer. 轮次轮转。

   n. a planned change in the blocking scheme used when the team confronts an a
   ttack it cannot cover.安全的拦网(当拦网队员不能触碰对方的扣球)。

   n. slang referring to the J stroke. The ball is played with the hands claspe
   d together, the thumbs parallel and pointed up, and the elbows bent.J型传球。

   n. the mid-point between two players.两个队员的中间空档。

   n. one of the six basic skills, used to put the ball in play. It is the only
   skill controlled exclusively by one player.发球。

serve receive
   n. the tactical skill of directing the opponent's serve to the setter so tha
   t he or she can set. Forearm passing is the most common technical skill used
   to serve receive. 接发球。

service ace
   n. a serve that hits the floor or causes the serve-receiver to misplay the b
   all in such a manner that another player cannot make a second contact.发球直

service error
   n. charged when the serve touches the net, fails to clear the net, lands out
   of bounds, touches the antenna, or the server is called for a line violatio
   n, delay of service, or rotational fault.发球失误(发球不过网,或出界,或碰到

service reception error
   n. charged when the serve strikes the floor untouched, no teammate is able t
   o make a second hit, or the player is called for an illegal contact.接发球失

   n., v. the tactical skill in which a ball is directed to a point where a pla
   yer can spike it into the opponent's court. Overhead passing is the most com
   mon technical skill used to set. 比赛中的一局;二传传球的动作。

   v. to retrieve balls that have been played, missed, or terminated in a drill
   and returning them to the leader of the drill.追分(当比赛落后时)。

   n. any directed individual attack attempt. 单人进攻,强攻(没有队友掩护)。

   n. occurs when the receiving team successfully puts the ball to the floor ag
   ainst the serving team, or when the serving team commits an unforced error,  
   and the receiving team thus gains the right to serve.交换发球权,发球得分制。

   n. the coordinated, effective function required by a specific motor task.技术

skip step
   n. resembles a hop. The feet are moved simultaneously from one position to a
   new balanced position. Primarily used to describe a common footwork pattern
   in ball handling.位置移动(首先用来描述触球时的步伐移动)。

   n. to concentrate efforts on one part of the game. 特长,在某一方面特别突出。

   n., v. to hit the ball forcefully into the opponents' court.扣球。

spike coverage
   n. players on the attacking team assume low ready positions around their att
   acker in order to to retrieve rebounds from the opposing blockers.扣球后的自

   n. the attacker. 扣球手。

split block
   n. a double block that leaves a space between its blockers. 两臂间有空隙的双

shadow of the block
   n. the area behind the block into which the opposing spikers cannot hit the  
   ball hard. 拦网覆盖的范围。

   n. near the net.近网的。

   n. a severely misdirected forearm pass.严重错方向的传球。

   n. a low, fast set to an attacker who is away from the setter.平拉开。

   n. a footwork pattern in which the feet do not cross each other, used to cov
   er short distances. 短距离移动的步伐。

   n. the resulting movement of the ball when spin is imparted in the horizonta
   l plane, usually due to striking the ball off-center, causing the ball to fo
   llow a somewhat sideways path. 侧旋球。

   n. an attack approach that includes a last moment move along the net. 扣球手

soft block
   n. a technique in which the blocker angles his hands backward in order to de
   flect the ball and slow its speed. 有效拦网(拦网时控制手型使球减力进入本方场

   n. a commit-block scheme in which the follower is assigned to block one atta
   cker only.一对一拦网战术(一名队员只负责拦对方一名队员)。

   n. a commit-block scheme in which the follower determines, by reading the se
   tterm whom he blocks.预判拦网(一名队员根据对方扣球前的动作预判球的线路以控制

   n. a one-footed slide in which the attacker moves around the setter.扣球手在

   n. a one-footed slide in which the attacker moves toward the setter. 扣球手在

   n. a one-footed slide in which the attacker moves away from the setter.扣球手

   v. to block the ball to the floor.拦网直接得分。

stuff block
   n. a ball that has been blocked to the floor. 被直接拦网得分的球。

   n. to move from one sideline to the other, usually in approaching to attack;
   a type of offense that uses the swing approach. 穿插跑动(从场地一边到另一边)。

   n. to change positions on the court. 换位。

   n. a combination in which one player attacks immediately behind another.梯次

   n. the top of the net. 网的最上端。

   n. the player who is intended to receive the ball in any given play. The tar
   get can be the setter who is in the correct court position, an opponent who  
   is designated to receive a serve, or a spiker who is waiting to receive a se
   t. 目标。

target area
   n. the court position where the target players should be. 控制区域,目标区域

   n. the mechanics of a skill. 技术。

   n. to show one's intention to the opponents. 暴露意图。

terminal attack
   n. a spike or tip that has been successfully executed so that it is unplayab
   le by the defensive team. 成功率把握极高的进攻,对方无法防守。

terminal contacts
   n. contacts which lead directly to points or side-outs for the contacting te
   am. kills, and ace serves are all terminal contacts. An unforced error such  
   as a net violation is also considered terminal. 一攻进攻成功,直接得分。

   n. a shoot that is attacked between the setter and the left sideline.在二传手

   n. a lift, usually characterized by a throwing motion. 持球(包括捞球)。

   n. 1. one-handed placement or redirection of the ball with the fingers -v. 2
   . to place or redirect the ball with the fingers of one hand.单手调整传球。

   n. descriptive slang for a reverse bump. 见reverse bump。

   n. the resulting movement of the ball when spin is imparted in the vertical  
   plane in a forward direction, usually due to striking the ball and following
   through by snapping the wrist. A ball with topspin will drop faster than a  
   ball with little or no spin. 上旋球。

   n. 1. a skill used to initiate the contact of service. 2. a skill used to du
   plicate the dynamics and trajectory of a pass, serve, or set during a drill.
   Both hands should be used to impart less spin on the ball.双手用力传出不带旋

   n. 1. a player contacting the ball. -interj. 2. an exclamation made by a blo
   cker to inform his backcourt defenders that he has contacted the ball.触球。

touch block
   n. a control block. 有效拦网。

   n. the curve the ball takes on its path from one player to another. 球运行的

   n. the change from defense to offense. 攻防转换。

   n. 1. a set close to the net that gives the blocker the advantage. -v. 2. to
   concentrate the block on one hitter, ignoring another.近网的传球,容易导致球

   n. a block formed by three players.三人集体拦网。

   n. a medium-height set that is usually attacked near the center of the net.  
   See also play-set.三号位2.5扣球。

underhand serve
   n. a serving technique in which the ball is contacted at about waist height  
   by the serving hand.下手发球(勾手飘球)。

unforced error
   n. an error committed by a player that is unrelated to the opponent's play.  
   Touching the net, stepping over the center line, and serving into the net ar
   e examples of unforced errors. 非受迫性失误。

   v. to change direction sharply during a spike approach, see also break.进攻线

   n. the player located on the extreme right or left of the formation. 阵型最旁

   n. a serve-receive formation with three players in the front row, two in the
   back (in the shape of a "W"). W型接发球战术。

   n. a cross in which the middle attacks a front one and the right attacks a t
   wo to the left of the middle.交叉进攻。

X series
   See 51X. See 51X.

zone block
   n. when the blockers take away a significant portion of the defensive back c
   ourt in which the opposing spiker can hit by being in good blocking position
   relative to the opposing spiker.拦网时最有利的位置。
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